Turbosand AA Heads

Edge-Profile Sanding Heads

(The AA/BB/CC Turbostrip Sanding Heads and Inserts)

The original sanding system from Turbosand. The strip-style insert is die-formed for precise profile matching. The strip-style insert can be used to finish door-pulls, straight edges, bullnoses, corner rounds, and other more complicated contours.
See our website at Turbosand.com for more information and examples.
Or look through the Standard Pattern Catalog for examples to match your profiles.

Turbosand RP Heads

Raised-Panel Sanding Heads


The Turbosand RP Head was built specifically to sand raised panels. Using die-formed, abrasive Turbocaps, the RP head minimizes heat and dust built-up. It runs cooler so it can last longer. This system will produce a beautifully sanded surface which will allow your parts to go right into the finishing department. Our raised-panel heads are available in 5-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch diameters to fit nearly any application. Turbosand caps offer the same advantages in precision and flexible mounting options as the strip-style inserts.

Turbosand FBB Heads

Flare-Head Edge-Sanding Heads

(The FAA/FBB/FCC Edge-Profile Sanders)

The Turbosand flare-head was built specifically to sand deeper details than can be formed with the strip-style insert. The overhanging shape of these heads permits Turbosand to match deep reveals on doors and often permits profiles to be sanded without tilting the spindle.
These heads are ideal for CNC Routers and other equipment without tilting sander spindles

Additional Features

(Upgrades and Options)

Beyond the basic Turbosand product line we also offer some options not shown: