Our line of tools for shaping, sanding, and foil application is available for use on woodworking machinery
by Voorwood as well as equipment by other manufacturers, including CNC Routers, Tennoners, and Spindle Shapers.
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Shaper Image Shaper Detail Insert Shapers - Edge Details
Voorwood produces a line of replaceable insert tooling for the precision machining of profiles in a variety of materials. Our stock catalog includes details for easing the edges of doors, adding finger-pulls, cope & stick joinery, and other typical purposes in woodworking. With our universal-head design, one shaper body can be used for many profiles and multiple purposes simply by changing the knives. Our insert knives are available in several grades of carbide to meet the most demanding requirements. We also produce a line of replaceable diamond-tipped replaceable inserts which can be directly exchanged with a matching carbide insert. Moreover, all of our insert tools can be matched with TurbosandTM Sanding Inserts to produce a smooth, clean finished edge without hours of manual finishing.Click for more information.
Shaper Image Shaper Detail Insert Shapers - Raised Panels

For cabinet-makers, Voorwood's line of insert tooling includes a series of shapers for panel-raising. Replaceable carbide knives combined with a universal body style to allow for rapid changes of profile type with a lower cost when compared to dedicated heads. Our line also includes diamond-tipped replaceable inserts which are longer-lasting and can often be directly exchanged with a matching carbide insert in the same body.
Image Image Turbosand® Sanding Heads

The Turbosand® Edge Profile Sanding System has become the leader in the woodworking industry. The Turbosand process is a sanding system that performs like a cutter instead of an abrasive. Turbosand produces a clean, perfectly cut edge and eliminates the problems of dust build-up and burning. The original AA head was designed to sand outside edge details. The die-formed replaceable sanding inserts can be quickly removed and replaced in one step. And any of our hundreds of sanding inserts marked with the AA designation can be used with the same sanding head. The edge profile system includes a range of head diameters and widths to accommodate different machine and edge-detail types. The Turbosand system also includes heads for sanding raised-panel details, grooves, and mouldings. Turbosand heads can be equipped on shaper/sanders, CNC Routers, single and double-side tenoners, and other machinery. With the use of Voorwood's DSA sanding attachment, Turbosand can be added to a variety of machines.

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Turboflex-Pro Head Big Turboflex-Pro Head TurboflexPRO® Sanding Heads

Like the basic Turboflex sanding heads, the TurboflexPRO line consists of basic rotary flap-sanding heads. However the Pro series improves the process by pre-profiling the abrasive flaps and brushes to a specific profile. This makes for more uniform finishing; the sander won't be so overly aggressive on high-spots or to light on low spots. The TurboflexPRO system is still easy to setup while being forgiving of profiling and alignment issues. It is also customizable using your choice of abrasive grit, brush stiffness, and number of flaps installed, making TurboflexPRO suitable for any substrate.
Image Image Turbosand Applications for CNC Routers

Turbosand heads have been successfully used on CNC routers for finishing outside edges on a variety of wood and manufactured substrates. Turbosand heads can be mounted directly on an HSK or ISO toolholder to match your specific machine's spindle or they can be mounted using customized adaptors. And a range of sizes from 3" to 8" (200mm) in diameter means that there is a head for any application.
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Image Image of Rosette Head Turbosand "Rosette" Sanders

The "Rosette" sander is a small diameter sanding head intended for use on routers for finishing contoured grooves and other decorative features on the face of the substrate. The "RZ" series heads are similar in size to the router-bits commonly used to create decorative details, allowing sanding to be performed in areas which previously could not have been finished without extensive secondary processes.
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Foil Wheel Pic Large Foil Wheel Dry-Transfer Foil Wheels

Voorwood's dry-transfer foiling wheels are used to apply hot-stamp foils to a wide variety of substrates. Available pre-shaped to match a large selection of our standard profile catalog or as blanks for you to profile-grind to match your own parts.