Insert Shapers

Voorwood offers a complete line of insert tooling for producing high-quality finished edges. We have tooling available to produce simple eased edges, stiles, rails, raised-panels, door-pulls, and other decorative edges. Our staff can assist you in ordering the heads to fit your existing machinery or recommend options for new applications.

Model Insert Shapers Really Excellent Cutter Heads

Our insert tooling is based on a universal-head design which allows one cutter body to be used with multiple profile types simply by changing the knives. All of our insert knives are available in multiple grades of carbide suitable for differing substrates ranging from solid woods to engineered wood products (such as MDF or particleboard) and even including solid-surface materials. Our insert knives can be resharpened multiple times without compromising either the finish-quality or the details in the profile. We also offer a Diamond-tipped insert which can directly replace a standard carbide knife and backer. Diamond has been shown to outlast carbide but until now, diamond-tipped shapers have always been custom designs and represented a large expense. With the universal head system it is now possible to purchase one body with multiple profile sets for less than the cost of just one dedicated diamond-shaper. And every profile for which we produce a carbide knife can be duplicated in diamond inserts. As a result, it's also possible to have backup carbide knives on the shelf for use while your diamond inserts are being resharpened or repaired.

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